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Our medical emergency response planning, risk assessment, consulting, and clinical services can help your company become and stay safe on the job site.

Medical Emergency Response Planning

Our past experiences both, domestically and internationally, allow us to assist our partners in their determination for what is, and more importantly what is not, needed to ensure the best, quickest, and most affordable medical emergency response and patient outcomes.

Our research, data collection, software and experiences separate us from the competition by allowing us to ensure evidenced based decisions and recommendations.

We take great pride in our unique ability to systematically create and implement affordable health care delivery models.

XstremeMD Post Employment Health

Mobile Clinics

Virtual Exam Room

From within the call center, the physicians at XstremeMD have the capabilities to handle simultaneous and unlimited emergencies from around the globe. Whether on land or at sea, this continuous multisite monitoring allows XMD physicians to provide medical support with unparalleled assurance for you or your employees while away from home. Provided with the adequate bandwidth, everyone is within reach.

Risk Assessment

Quality Care

We utilize a unique, simple, proven and innovative approach to corporate risk assessment to ensure the optimum medical emergency response plan, best care for your employees and a return on your investment.

Through multiple assessments and interviews, we are able to provide quality feedback on the effectiveness of your medical team and policies.

Work Type

What type of work will they be performing?


How long will it take to reach a definitive health care facility?


How many personnel will be on the job site?


Global Experience

XstremeMD Post Employment Health

Our physicians have conducted more than 70,000 remote health care consultations ranging from heart attacks, to strokes, to work related injuries.

  • Medical Directorship for Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 Companies
  • Industry leaders proven by multiple white paper publications and research
  • Guest speakers and panel members at conferences around the globe

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