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Equipment & Supplies

As practicing health care practitioners ourselves, we realized the value having the best and most reliable equipment. This provides us the unique advantage of knowing exactly what your personnel need and what your personnel do not need on location. Because of our large partnership base, we are often able to include prospective partners in health into an already existing, proven & well established partnership. Several examples include the North American Shale plays.

We strategically leverage our existing partnerships thus providing prospective partners in health with More robust solutions and improved outcomes that require a much lower investment and ensure a return on investment in more ways than one.



  • Designated physician call centers
  • One minute physician response times
  • Minimal bandwidth
  • Proprietary solutions
XstremeMD MERP

Mobile Clinics

Virtual Exam Room

From within one of our 11 designated physician call centers, the physicians at XstremeMD have the capabilities to handle simultaneous and unlimited emergencies from around the globe. Whether on land or at sea, this continuous multisite monitoring allows XMD physicians to provide medical support with unparalleled assurance for you or your employees while away from home. Everyone is within reach.

Our Partners In Health

Fixed / Onsite Clinics

e-Health Solutions

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR is a digital record that contains all of a patient's medical history.


  • Improved physician/patient/employer communication
  • Onsite Medication Tracking
  • Onsite discharge forms
  • Onsite instructions
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Reduces liability
  • Improved case management
  • Electronic physician signatures
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XstremeMD MERP