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Education & Training

We invest in our employees to protect your employees.

Surprisingly, when we started, we had no intentions of being in the onsite remote health care personnel business and we attempted to partner our telemedicine solutions with other medical personnel providers. However, the competitor’s employees (or RHCP’s) were quite simply, not meeting our expectations. Despite employer expectations and, more importantly, co-workers expectations who’s lives depended upon their education and competencies, we soon discovered that RHCP’s had limited opportunities with no available resources i.e. accreditations, certifications or even educational courses to prepare them for the specialty of remote health care practice i.e. emergency and occupational medicine, management of chronic disease and mental health disorders, physician and nursing skill sets, case management, etc.

2 Courses, 1 Intent

Ensure all personnel working in remote environments have access to equivalent, or better, health care as their counterparts working in urban and metropolitan areas.

Our Emergency & Occupational US trained physicians developed two courses for two types of onsite professionals: those with, and those without, formalized medical education.