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XMD in Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Jessica Onsurez

Carlsbad Current-Argus

A new clinic catering to the safety and health of employees of three of the largest oil and gas operators in Carlsbad opened Tuesday.

The clinic operated by XStremeMD was created via a  partnership between Conoco Phillips, Marathon Oil and XTO Energy.

Dr. Joseph Pearson, CEO of XStremeMD, said the company got its start in 2006 providing healthcare for employees working on off-shore rigs in Louisiana.

The Lafayette, Louisiana-based company has four locations in the Permian Basin: Orla, Midland and Big Lake, Texas with Carlsbad as the newest location.

"This is our fourth clinic here in the Permian," Pearson said. "The way we decide (on locations) is to do a risk assessment based on what the operators are saying the needs are in areas they serve."

The clinic will treat workers in an effort to provide access to quality healthcare, while unburdening local providers and facilities as the companies' workforce grows in the area. 

Treating all illness

Pearson said XStremeMD medical personnel treat everything from minor injuries to critical health issues, and can fulfill specialized industry safety needs.

A portion of the clinic is dedicated to accurately fitting breathing apparatus for workers.

Another area is set aside for assessing hearing in employees.

The clinic also boasts a treatment room where Carlsbad-based nurses and doctors can teleconference with other medical professionals.

The clinic is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Pearson said access and response time is critical when treating those who labor in the far-flung and remote environments of southeast New Mexico's oilfields.

"We look at response times and current municipality response times, and make an evaluation where we could make the most impact," Pearson said.

In 2017, Pearson said the average response time in the area was around 52 minutes. For someone experiencing a cardiac event, providing treatment within the first hour significantly increases the likelihood of survival.

As the industry grew in the area, response time and availability of assets became strained. 

"Last year (2018),what we found is that we have four times the amount of med-evacs, and that response time was 90 minutes," Pearson said.

Pearson said communication and partnership with local health care providers also increases the quality of care given to patients of the clinic.

Partnering for safety and healthcare

Conoco, XTO Energy and Marathon Oil employ thousands of people in Eddy County.

As the companies continued to invest in Permian Basin, each said ensuring the safety and health of their workers became a priority.

“Marathon Oil is excited to partner with other operators to bring XStremeMD to our area. Our people are our most important asset and providing a clinic where if needed, they can get appropriate care is a big deal to us," said said Kelly Saltzgiver, Marathon Oil Production Superintendent.

"By joining together, we all take another step in ensuring our employees and contractors make it home safely to their families every day."

The state-of-the-art clinic that provides remote health care services is a key component of providing quality of life for XTO Energy employees, company leaders said.

"XTO Energy, along with other industry leaders, are proud to partner with XStremeMD to bring their services to Carlsbad and the surrounding area. It is our intent to bring quality care to the oil field while also finding a way to alleviate some of the strain off of healthcare providers in Carlsbad and beyond," said Wes McSpadden, XTO Energy Delaware Basin Production Superintendent.

"Innovation and partnerships are key to continuing to make Carlsbad an even better place to live and work. XTO is proud to be part of this partnership and this community."

Jessica Onsurez can be reached at 575-628-5531, jonsurez@currentargus.com or @JussGREAT on Twitter.