Chest Pain


A 43 year old male is having chest pain.  The pain is sharp and worse whenever he exerts himself.  He has associated shortness of breath and denies having any nausea or vomiting.  He’s very concerned because his father had a heart attack at the age of 45 and he was just diagnosed with high blood pressure.


Patient called XMD and gave detailed history to the examining physician.  Electrical tracing of heart (EKG) was performed.  See video below for an example of the remote EKG process that was performed.

Physical Exam:

Patient was found to have a low grade temperature of 100.1. His heart examination was normal and he had a slight wheeze and rhonchi in his right lung indicating infection.


Patient was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and treated onsite with antibiotics, steroids, and beta-agonists. The initial EKG was normal. The next day he was feeling completely back to normal, repeat EKG was normal, and he finished out his hitch. Had the XMD physician not had immediate access to the EKG and vitals signs or had he not been able to listen to his heart and lungs, immediate transport would have been indicated.

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